William Bundy

Targeting a game design and/or development position.

Experienced with C/C++/Lua in game development settings, with multiple playable projects.

Rituals (C++, SDL2, OpenGL) 2016-2017: A survival/adventure game with a programmatic puzzle element.

Wirmpht (C, Win32) 2016-2017: A tool for lexical analysis and code generation.

Sparse (C#, SDL2) 2014-2015: a 2D survival/engineering platformer set on a desolate planet.

Potential (C#, SDL2) 2014: a puzzle-platformer for Ludum Dare 30 (jam)

Contact Lost (Lua, Love2D) 2013: an action game with survival elements, created for Ludum Dare 26 (compo).


Other Experience